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Midi Skip Hire

Midi Skip hire are becoming increasingly popular as a way to quickly and easily dispose of large amounts of rubbish or waste. Midi skips are particularly useful as they offer a cost-effective solution that is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial projects. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many uses for midi skip hire, from disposing of construction debris to collecting garden waste. We’ll also look at tips for choosing the right size for your project and how to safely load and unload your skip. So read on to learn more about how midi skip hire can help make your next project easier!

What is Midi Skip Hire?

Midi Skip Hire is a type of skip that is specifically designed for smaller projects or tight spaces. It is perfect for domestic use, as well as light commercial use. Midi skips are typically between 2-4 yards in size and can hold up to 40 bags of waste.

Midi skip hire is a type of waste management service that allows customers to dispose of their waste in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Midi skips are smaller than standard skips, making them ideal for smaller projects or areas with limited space.

Midi skip hire is a great solution for those who need to dispose of waste but don’t have the space for a larger skip. Midi skips can be placed in tighter spaces and are still large enough to accommodate a fair amount of waste.

If you’re considering midi skip hire, be sure to compare prices and services from different companies to find the best deal.

The Different types of Midi Skips

Midi skips come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs and purposes.

2 yard midi skips – also called mini or small skips, these are the most popular type of skip for domestic use as they can hold up to 30 black bin bags worth of waste.

4 yard midi skips – these are more common on commercial sites as they can hold up to 60 black bin bags worth of waste. They’re also great for larger domestic projects such as garage clear-outs or home renovations.

8 yard midi skips – often referred to as builders’ skips, these are the largest type of midi skip available and can accommodate up to 120 black bin bags worth of waste. As such, they’re perfect for large-scale commercial projects or extensive domestic ones.

Why Use a Midi Skip?

There are many reasons to use a midi skip. They are perfect for small to medium sized projects, such as:

-garden waste removal
-office/home decluttering
-small construction projects

Midi skips generally have a volume of 2-4 cubic yards, making them perfect for smaller projects. They are also easy to load and transport, which makes them ideal for DIYers or those who don’t have access to a large vehicle.

How to Use a Midi Skip

If you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of waste, then a midi skip is the perfect solution. Here’s how to use one:

1. Choose the right size midi skip for your needs. If you’re not sure, our team can help you select the perfect size.

2. Fill it up! Once your midi skip is full, simply give us a call and we’ll come and collect it.

3. That’s it! It really is that easy to use a midi skip and get rid of your waste in a quick and convenient way.

What Can I Put in a Midi Skip?

Midi skips are perfect for a variety of smaller waste removal projects, including:

-DIY home improvement projects
-Spring cleaning your home or business
-Clearing out your garage or shed
-Getting rid of garden waste

If you’re not sure what size skip you need, a midi skip is a great option. They are available in a range of sizes, from 4 to 8 yards, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

How Do I Order a Midi Skip?

If you’re looking to order a midi skip, there are a few things you need to know. Here’s a quick guide on how to order a midi skip:

1. first, decide on the size of midi skip you need. This will depend on the amount of waste you have to dispose of.

2. once you’ve decided on the size, check if there are any local restrictions in place that might affect where you can put your skip.

3. next, get in touch with a reputable skip hire company and give them your delivery address and contact details.

4. finally, arrange payment for your skip and wait for it to be delivered!


Midi skip hire can be extremely useful for a variety of home and commercial projects. Whether you are cleaning up your garden, renovating your home or conducting construction work at a worksite, hiring midi skips is an easy way to keep things organized and get the job done right. With the right provider, you can have access to high quality midi skips that will make even the most difficult tasks much easier. If you’re looking for reliable midi skip hire services, get in touch with us today!